We knew we wanted a simple website that showcased our work, but we didn't know anything about websites. 3W Ventures held our hand all the way through the process and delivered the perfect website for our needs.
-- Chris C.
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Search Optimization

Many companies are asking the question: What's so great about having a fancy web site if no one ever sees it?

The whole point of a web site is to communicate with the public. How can you communicate if the public can't find your site?

The consultants at 3W Ventures are search engine optimization experts. We can help your site achieve top rankings on major search engines. As much as 90% of your site's traffic may be coming from search engines. Once your site is optimized, the time and expense of keeping your site at the top of the rankings is minimal.

We take a thorough approach to search engine optimization. Here is an outline of the process:

  1. Set business goals.
  2. Determine what keywords potential customers are using.
  3. Perform a competitive analysis to refine keywords and discover potential competitive advantages.
  4. Conduct a baseline report on search engine rankings and analyze your site's traffic logs.
  5. Review your current site's potential for attracting visitors and converting them to customers.
  6. Correct major problems with site architecture, if necessary.
  7. Update content of your site and metadata.
  8. Submit your site to all major search engines.
  9. Request reciprocal links with strategic partners.
  10. Run monthly reports to monitor progress with search engines, monitor traffic logs, and adjust your site as needed.

Search engine optimization requires trial and error.

While no one can guarantee that your site will receive number-one placement on all search engines all the time, we use proven methods and strategies that have helped our clients appear and stay at or near the top of the search engine rankings in categories relevant to their businesses.

3W Ventures will use every ethical means to attract potential customers to your site, but we cannot guarantee top placement on all search engines all the time. Also please remember that search engine optimization is an ongoing process. That is why step #10 is so important. We must constantly monitor how your site performs on specific keyword searches and make adjustments if your ranking slips.

3W Ventures is based on Long Island, NY, so unlike non-local search engine optimization companies, we will meet with you at your place of business and provide references in the metro Long Island area. We enjoy educating our clients on search engine optimization and we aim to build a long-term relationship with all our Long Island area clients.

Consider paying for placement.

One sure-fire way of getting your site to the top of the search engine rankings is to pay for it. We manage numerous online advertising campaigns. Learn more about this extremely powerful form of advertising.

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