Our old site was in need of a makeover and, as a retired store mgr, I needed to learn this new way of doing business. We wanted to understand the importance of sharp images, captivating descriptions and how these items affect length of visit, etc. Thanks to the team at 3W Ventures, we are now on track to a profitable future.
-- Keith E.
Hawaiian Food Online

Single Project
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Celtic By Design
Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Services: Updated 2014; Redesign with Responsive CSS, E-commerce and CMS upgrade, database mods, SEO enhancements
Custom Add-ons: Banner Ads, Customer Testimonials, Irish Quotes
Design: Custom Design

What impressed me most about 3W Ventures was their marketing and branding knowledge, and how that could best be achieved with technology. They examined our existing website and made numerous suggestions on how it could be improved. Instituting just a couple of suggestions quickly increased our page rank and visibility on Google.

3W completely upgraded our site in what was actually an enjoyable and problem-free process. Naturally, there were a couple of hiccups, but their expertise had any loose ends resolved within minutes.

I had initially thought that we should do our site upgrade ourselves. I am very glad that we did not. Doing so would have cost us countless hours in lost marketing activity, and pulled us away from our core business. With a site that now features increased functionality, better branding, and with our newfound marketing knowledge, we were able to recoup our costs via additional revenue in as little as two months.

-- Mark O.
Celtic By Design